hey ya!!

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forgotten to tok bout the GB enrolment last week.. not much to say though.. but got award la.. hahahha... yesterday woke up then go eat breakfast.. met Jun Yew (my yanade) and family by coincidence.. hahaha... then went to Midvalley... daddy went to look at TV cuz my hse wan always make weird noises like "eeeeeeeeee"... its kinda annoyin.. hahahaa... then me n Ber jalan sendiri la.. go buy stuff.. ate Yo! Sushi... damn nice the food.. but some weird food la.. hahaha.. the plates so colourful... i ate some beef kinda noodle... nice!! hehehe..

then today i went back to Midvalley again but tis time oni mom and dad shop... i was at The Gardens, GSC Signature cinema... damn nice.. went to watch "You Don't Mess With The Zohan"... nice show but kinda dirty la... Adam Sandler i got nothin to say la.. he act all the show damn funny and a lil dirty... its a mus watch if you wanna laugh... the line i remember most is "My name is ScrappyCoco.." damn funny.. hahahaha... then went out for dinner wit the Lim's at Happy Garden's Happy Cafe...