Here's my new blog link.
Decided to abandon this for a while.

Those emo post should stop because I dont wanna miss sharing the wonders of HONGKONG! :)

The two families together with Mickey and Minnie.
More photos soon! GTG :)

Back from awesome HongKong.
No doubt I kinda love that place.

1. Because the things are cheap over there.
2. You shop all day and feel satisfied.
3. A weather that I've been yearning for all this while.
4. They've got good theme parks unlike us : Sunway lagoon and Genting
5. High tops are everywhere.

HongKong, wait for my homecoming. I'll be back one day. I'm not done shopping because I spend too much time sight seeing.
Hey I'll be heading HongKong at 6am in awhile.

Just wanna wish all of you guys a "HAPPY NEW YEARS" in advance.
With love, from me.

You guys have a blast.
It's funny how a person can be such a hypocrite.
These are the people who I really dislike.
Have they had any idea that they might hurt others for their actions?
Guess not, looking at people like that, they are just pure blunt and dumb to even realize.

Yes, Im talking bout you! If you actually feel it....
Is it so hard to say that "Your plans of watching that particular movie is with some of your other friends" rather than telling me "Oh I don't see a point in watching movies in the cinema when you can actually download"...
Dude, like WTF muchhh?!
How lame can you get with giving excuse man? I would rather you told me the truth.
Wow apparently when people say the truth hurts, it turns out to be true. *ouch*

And, and..... I think you thought too much.
Thinking that Imma girl who ask you out to watch that movie, you thought of it as a date?!
OHMYGAWD! heck no its not a date.
I wouldnt want you as one anyways. My motif was to go catch that movie because lets just say you were the only person I could think off who is not working during the sem break. And besides, I needed a guy to help me get my dad's gift.
Yes, its that simple...

Guys think too much sometimes. Or they are rather just born an asshole.
Yes I said it! Heartbreaker!

Goodnight y'all! Peace out.
Dear Santa,

Here's my wish list this Christmas.

1. I want that dude for Christmas, is it okay? *points points* Yes that one.
2. I want a pair of Lita collection by Jeff Camp.
3. I want a new dress, although I just bought one that look a lil like the one Esther wore in the movie Orphan. Ohh loving my Topshop baby!
4. I want to have more hang outs with my girlfriends. I'm starting to miss them already.
5. I want maxis to have a good plan for Blackberry services. Reloading is killing me slowly.
6. I want to drive around town in my mom's yellow car before she starts doing anything to it.
7. Get that idea of modifying the yellow car out of my mom's head.
8. Give me inspirations on how to decorate the gifts and to buy my dad's present. *ohhh sooo hard*
9. I want a new pair of Rayban.
10. I want to have fun this year end. :)

I still have alot but............. I shall save it for the next post. :)

Christmas is fun but busy.
So much to do, so little time...

Gonna do so much in HongKong after Christmas! :)

Hi its 4am and I think I miss you! haha

But i definitely miss my girlfriends already!
Mayne and Che, I miss PR with you girls. :)